Check If There Is Something “WRONG” Going On With Your Child

Child abusers, which abuse children physically, mentally or sexually, are rapidly increasing. Child psychologists say that parents often can not understand the problems of children or children cannot tell anyone abusive or abusive at home or away, and they go into depression or sometimes suicide attempts Do it.

What is Child Abuse?

According to Doctors, if a large person with a small child is assaulted, mentally disturbed or harassed by a child, then he is kept in the category of Child Abuse.

Symptoms if Child Abuse

Children who are victims of abuse often experience symptoms of stress in reaction to the abuse, in addition to symptoms that are specific to the kind of abuse they have suffered. The signs and symptoms of abuse often vary according to the age and developmental stage of the child.

  • A tendency to either avoid, overly please or ingratiate them to the abuser;
  • Poor school performance;
  • Irritability/quickness to anger;
  • Crying more often and/or easily;
  • Anxiety or panic;
  • Frequent complaints of physical symptoms, like headaches and stomachaches;
  • Young kids may act younger than their age or that they had previously (regress);
  • Spending more time alone, away from friends and family;
  • Becoming more “clingy” and more dependent on certain relationships;
  • Expressing thoughts about hurting him or herself or others;
  • More risk-taking behaviors and/or showing less concern for their own safety.

Who does child abuse?

In most cases of Child Abuse, only a person who is close with a child, a relative or acquaintance is involved. The mental condition of the convict is not well. Since such a person is unable to put his emphasis on anybody, therefore, they try to get happiness by abusing children. Children are easy targets for such people.