5 Harmful Effects Of Trimming The Hair ‘Down’ There

A hairy look is quite neanderthal-ish – agreed. But shaving hair everywhere, even on your genitals, is not a wise decision. Hair is one of the specific characteristics of mammals, and it is there for A reason.

Looking at the advantages of body hair, well, pubic hair is necessary before you decide to grow it every time. Understanding the underlying purpose of the hair will make you decide you that should you cut them or not. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t trim your pubic hairs.

1. They Protect You

The basic purpose of pubic hair is safety and protection. So, what Pubes are you protecting from? With the hair below, you are protected from various types of bacteria and viral infections. Your genitals are always moist, and this type of environment can become a breeding ground for the microbes. Pubes form a sheath and protect your female parts from any kind of infection.

2. Sexy – Not Sexy

You have to realize that your pubic hair helps you to sweat down there. With Sweat, there are pheromones are also released. The smell of pheromones makes the partners more excited than the fanciest perfumes. Now, the decision is all yours.

3. Keep The Temperature Maintained

Apart from cushioning, pubic hairs also maintain a constant temperature. In the colder countries or in the colder days, the hair below there helps you keep warm and comfortable genitals. The oils and sweat secreted by the hair follicles maintain a cool temperature in the hot weather.

4. More Friction

There is always the risk of friction between thighs, and if you are slightly heavy and curved then this is an additional discomfort. However, if you know what I mean, these pubes, actually providing more lubrication than the empty ground. Constant friction can cause rashes on your thighs.

5. You can Cause a Skin Irritation

Use a blade or a chemical hair remover, or even go for a wax… the risk of damaging your skin is always there when you remove your pubic hairs.