Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency And It’s Treatment

One of the most abundant minerals in the body is calcium. Essential for many functions, calcium in adequate levels is needed throughout one’s life for sustenance. That is why a slightly imbalanced calcium level in the body can disrupt the system.

Calcium deficiency can be caused due to many reasons including poor absorption of calcium from foods or poor utilization of it by the body. Here are the uncommon signs your body lacks calcium.

1. Tooth Decay

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for healthy teeth. So, if there is tooth decay, your body is deficient in calcium. Calcium deficiency in children can delay tooth formation.

2. Insomnia

Lack of sleep is an indicator of calcium deficiency in the body. Those who do not consume enough calcium in their diet can also have insomnia. In other cases, people may fall asleep but will not have a satisfactory or deep sleep because they are deficient in calcium.

3. Brittle Nails

A lot of things can go wrong with nails when your body lacks calcium because nails require calcium in adequate amounts to grow healthy and remain strong. If your nails are weak and brittle, deficiency of calcium might be a reason.

4. Poor bone density

Calcium deficiency can make your bones weak by reducing bone density. And, the poor bone density may lead to easy fractures, muscular aches and spasms, and in a few cases, rickets.

5. Muscle cramps

One of the early signs of calcium deficiency is muscle cramps. It is usually the muscles of thighs, arms, and underarms that hurt while moving.