5 Sugar Substitutes That Will Save Your Life from Sugar & Fat

The first thing that all healthy eating practitioners recommend is cutting down on sugar. We know ourselves that sugar is of little benefit to our health; besides, its energy value is 398 kcal for 100 g. But it’s so hard to renounce all the sweet stuff!

But, now we have found 5 natural sweeteners that’ll help you easily forget the sugar.

Coconut sugar

Despite its high energy value, coconut sugar has a low glycemic index (which means it assimilates better) and loads of other benefits. Also, it’s simply delicious — much better than common sugar.
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Dates are a wholesome and nutritious fruit, often recommended as a healthy snack. Turns out they can also be used to replace sugar.

Mulberry syrup

In the East, the mulberry is called “the queen of berries” for its healing properties. Mulberry syrup preserves these properties, plus it gives a specific taste to food.

Maple syrup

Not just good for pancakes! Being low in calories, it lowers the risk of getting cancer and diabetes. It’s also simply tasty. Did you know that Canada has a Maple leaf in their National Flag? Maple syrup is widely produced and used in Canada as a healthy sweet. Order some maple syrup and enjoy its benefits – Natural Park Maple Syrup, 250ml


The absolute leader among low-calorie substitutes. Stevia is in great demand with those trying to manage their weight. Not only does it contain a mere 18 kcal per 100 grams but it is also 25 times as sweet as sugar, so you’ll only have to add a tiny bit of it. You can get Pure Sugar-free Herbal Stevia, here – Stevia Sugarfree Liquid