4 Signs of Breast Cancer besides the Lumps

For the vast majority of women, the first sign of breast cancer is the discovery of a lump. Yet in up to 15 percent of cases, there are different symptoms. You might be doing a regular self-examination of your breasts – your left hand on your right breast and your right hand on your left, searching for any odd lumps on them.

While most were aware that lumps in the breast were a danger sign, very few knew changes in breast shape and retraction of the nipple were also potential signs of the disease.

Here are some of the vital signs beside lumps that women should also take notice of:

Pain and tenderness in the armpit
Even before the first Tumour in the breasts, Breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collarbone and cause a lump or a swelling there. So be aware if any pain or swellings appear in the armpit or collar area.

Sudden Weight Loss
Many people with a tumor will lose weight drastically. When you shed pounds for no known reason, it’s called an unexplained weight reduction. An unexplained weight reduction of 10 pounds or more might be the primary indication of cancer. This happens regularly with tumors of the pancreas, stomach, throat, or lung.

Shape abnormality or Discharge from nipples
A growing tumor inside your nipples can distort or change the shape of areolas. Nipples are designed to release breast milk, any other form of discharge can be an early sign of tumors. Gently squeeze your nipples to check in there is any unwanted discharge coming from it.

Itchy, dimpled and uneven skin
Itchy breasts can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Be alert to check the quality of the skin in and around your breasts. The skin may look scaly or have small blue marks similar to hemorrhages. Sometimes cancer makes your skin have cellulite like dimpled skin. The skin with cellulite resembles very much to the surface of an Orange peel.

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