Shape of Belly Button Explains your Health and Well-being

Have you ever suspected that there might more to your belly button shape than meets the eye?

It might sound a little bit silly, but it’s true! Your belly button shape can actually teach you a lot about your body. We know it looks strange, but judging by the color and appearance of the navel, you can determine whether you suffer from any disease or not.

We all know that belly button or navel is formed when the umbilical cord is detached from the infant’s body. This phenomenon leaves a certain shaped mark in the middle of your stomach. The technique of predicting one’s personality and health depending on their Navel shape is called “omphalomancy”.

What the shape of the navel predicts about you is described below:

There’s no scientific evidence that your belly button can predict your temperament or personality. It may not be evidence-driven, but it sure is fun! Who wouldn’t want to know about the deep, dark secrets hiding in a belly button?

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