5 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Actually Good For Your Health!

Talking about alcoholic beverages can be a taboo in many cultures, many people have it as a part of their daily meal. We can not ignore the fact that millions of people around the world do drink it. Due to its antiseptic properties alcohol is used in many medicines and medicinal procedures. Here in this article, we are going to talk about some benefits that you can get from drinking a modified version of alcohol, Beer.


Beer is made with grains, barley, and hops. The ingredients used to make are produced in farms. It’s the natural process of fermentation, through which the microbes turn the nectar of grains into alcohol.

So, today we are looking at different nutrients and naturally synthesized chemicals present in the beer. And how these are beneficial for you. Just like a little sugar or salt add taste to the food, but a lot can ruin your appetite; beer is also to be consumed moderately.

5 Reasons Why Beer is Good For You

1. Beer is nutrient rich: Beer is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein, even more than wine. It also has a beneficial antioxidant in it. Beer consists of ‘hops’ a component which is used for brewing beer and which is a rich source of flavonoids. Consumption of beer provides you plenty of minerals which are important in the metabolic process of our body. In different ways, beer contributes to boosting your health.

2. Beer is Good for Kidneys: Beer will actually enhance the health of your kidneys! Yes, that’s right. A recent research has discovered that beer keeps the kidney healthy. As you drink beer, with each bottle of it the risk of having kidney stones reduces by 40%.

3. Beer is Vitamin B supplement: Here comes beer. As per the medical experts, beer consists of several vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and B12. As compared to the non-drinking people the people who consume beer have 30% higher level of vitamin B6. It is actually twice higher that people who drink wine. Additionally, you get a lot of B12 vitamins as well when you drink beer.

4: Beer prevents Heart diseases: You can prevent heart attack significantly using beer. As per the research, the risk of heart attack is reduced to 40-60% among beer drinker as compared to the non-beer drinker people.

5: Beer is good for Brain: People often say they don’t remember anything when they are drunk. However, a controlled drinking of beer can boost your memory. A study on the Alzheimer patients has provided the results that beer drinkers have less risk to suffer from dementia and Alzheimer as compared to the non-beer drinkers.


For the women out there – You want to look beautiful and young then have a glass of beer. The expert has backed this fact that beet consists of vitamins which regenerate the skin and reduces the skin pigmentation. It provides elegant and smooth skin. Many home remedies include the application of beer on skin and hair to keep it healthy.

So, what more reasons you need to have a sip of beer?

But make sure you have a beer in a limited quantity. It should not become a habit for you, but it can be a way towards a healthy life.