5 Things to Avoid If You Have A Dry Skin

Doesn’t it appear like a large portion of the healthy skin guidance out there applies for the most part to those with “typical” or “combo” skin? That is to say, go ahead. Individuals with those skin sorts aren’t even the ones with genuine issues. For those of us with, should we say, more troublesome compositions, numerous conventional healthy skin regimens can really decimate our skin’s well-being and excellence?

Take those of us with dry skin. If your face ever feels tight and flaky, you know that there are a few very important skin care rules to keep in mind—and some things that you should always skip. Here are 5 of the things you should never, ever do if you have dry skin.

Take Long, Warm Showers

Long, hot showers may spare your rational soundness in the winter, yet they’re unquestionably not helping your dry skin. In case you’re cleaning up each day at that point it’s a great opportunity to roll out an improvement (yet we’re not saying you need to change to frosty showers; we aren’t beasts).

Instead, reduce the length of your showers (ten minutes max) or slowly lowering the temperature until you’ve switched from hot to warm showers. Avoid washing your face in very hot shower water (save that for the sink afterward). You can also apply coconut oil or Vaseline before a shower to help keep skin from drying out.

Use Alcoholic Products

A small amount of alcohol in your products isn’t always a bad thing, contrary to popular opinion. Used properly mod, alcohol can help increase a product’s efficacy. However, if a product—like a toner—has high amounts of alcohol, it is very likely that it will dry out your skin.

The takeaway here is to make sure to always research the ingredients before buying a new product, and do a patch test first whenever possible to be sure it doesn’t dry you out.

Use Powder or Matte Makeup

First, a disclaimer: we’re not saying that if you have dry skin, there is no powder or matte makeup out there that will work for you. It’s definitely possible, but as a general rule, however, you should try to stick to cream or liquid makeup that promises a dewy finish. Most matte and powder makeup will only emphasize dry skin and can easily look caked-on.

Forget to Moisturize

If you have normal or oily skin, it’s probably fine to skip a day of moisturizing here and there. Not so if you’re dry. If you have dry skin, you need to break out the big guns.

To begin with, you’ll probably want to consider using two moisturizers. Use a rich moisturizer in the evening after washing your face, and a lighter moisturizer with SPF of at least 30 in the morning before applying makeup. Be sure to apply moisturizer on your neck and hands as well


Dry skin often leads to flakiness, and the first impulse is often to scrub the flakes away. When you have dry skin, this is the worst thing that you can do, especially if you’re using an exfoliant every day. Over-exfoliating is only going to irritate (and therefore dry out) your skin more. Limit your exfoliation to one to three times a week, and avoid any products that have beads or grains that tear at your skin.