Popular Myths About C- Section That Are Totally Wrong

There are so many myths which are widely believed by the general population. But The myths which are wrong can actually be dangerous to believe in, especially for a Pregnant Lady. She is not alone, her misconception can put lives on the verge.

Few such misconceptions and myths are surrounding the benign process of giving birth. Actually, there are only two ways possible for a woman to give birth; C-Section and Vaginal birth. But due to lack of knowledge and factless beliefs, many people have some major misconceptions about C section. Learn those Myths and the reality behind them:

Myth 1. Breastfeeding Will Painful

Immediately after delivery, regardless of the methods of delivery, mothers usually feel uncomfortable during breastfeeding. It is purely a myth that if there is a C-section, the mother will feel more pain while breastfeeding.

However, The pain will be the same for both types of deliveries. Doctors tell the mothers that they will able to lactate as soon as the Oxytocin hormone is released. Oxytocin hormone works as a muscle relaxant, which causes a contraction in the muscles, including the muscles in the uterus. This is why women feel cramps during menstruation.

Myth 3. Can’t Have Vaginal Birth After A C-Section

Many women believe that they may not have a vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC). It’s not correct. This question should not intimidate you, because, You can have a Vaginal Delivery after c-section.

If you have not experienced any rupture in your previous c-section, then you can fearlessly think of vaginal birth. Besides, if you have only one c-section, then you do not have any major health problems that you should worry about. In fact, health professionals these days to go for Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC). VBAC also prevents the consequences of a complication of multiple cesareans.

Myth 3. You Can Have Many C-Sections

Not necessarily. If you are under this belief, then let me tell you that gynecologist has urged mothers to understand the consequences of several C segments. You don’t so many surgery scars on your belly.

According to Doctors, having multiple C-Sections can increase the risk of rupture to the uterus. A ruptured uterus can cause intense bleeding during the childbirth. If the situation gets critical, doctors may even have to remove the uterus (Hysterectomy). To avoid such serious complications, doctors usually advice to go for VBAC.