Make Your Lips Pink and Soft Naturally in Just 10 Minutes

While there are so many brands of lipsticks and lip balms are available in the market, but we all can agree that those only work on the surface level. They are good for makeup and making your lips look beautiful temporary. But if you want to restore the natural softness and beauty of your lips, you need something special.

First, you need to understand that the skin on your lips is different than the rest of the body. The skin on the lips doesn’t have any sweat glands, so it can moisturize itself. However, it can lose the moisture in the dry chilled wind, sun exposure or due to the heat of smoking. Even toothpaste, many food items, alcohol, salty foods can also dry and darken your lips.

We are telling you a 2 step guide, that will make your lips soft and pink again. Just follow the step below.

Step 1: Scrub

This step will remove dry chapped skin and dead skin flakes from your lips. To scrub your lips take 1 spoon coconut spoon and 1 spoon sugar. Mix them together. Rub this mix gently on your skin for 2-3 minutes then wash it off.

Step 2: Moisturizing

It’s highly important to moisturize your lips regularly. To keep your lips hydrated use a natural chemical free lip balm.

To make such lip balm mix a drop of honey with half spoon of each coconut and olive oil. Apply this mix on your lips 3-4 times during the day. Also, don’t forget to apply the balm after your meals and after washing your face.

You should also make another balm for the night use. Just mix Few drops of vitamin E oil and coconut oil together and apply the mix on the lips during the nights.