5 Laws of Losing Weight from Every Part of Your body

Science says that deposition of Fat in a particular part of your body can reveal a lot about your lifestyle and personality. It also shows more about your health habits. Mostly, fat deposition occurs in the stomach area, hips, thighs and waistline of person. But if have fat in face, neck, arms, and legs – then it’s the clear indication of you being obese.

Today, we will reveal 5 laws to lose weight from each part of the body. The laws work very effectively and without any side-effects. Just follow these tips to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Law 1 – To Lose weight from Upper Body:

If you have fat deposited in your hands, forearms, shoulders, back, neck or other body parts Рit is a clear indication of your physically inactive lifestyle, bad diet, and bad health. In order to remove fat from upper body parts, you need to follow a strict diet plan, change your eating habits, cut down on alcohol, avoid sugary foods. Limit you daily calorie consumption between 500-10000 calories. Do cardio exercises for 15 to 30 minutes every day. Exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, neck exercises, aerobics are very effective in removing fat from the upper body.

Law 2 – To remove fat from Lower waist, buttocks, and thighs:

Fat deposited in thighs and lower back are one the most stubborn fats. It will take some time to remove fat from the lower back area. To do this you will have to follow a strict plan with low-fat foods and more exercises. Mostly, the lower back fat is caused by low physical activities. Exercises like cycling, squats, running, jogging, rope skipping, paddle swimming is designed to work on thigh and back muscles. Do this exercises intensively for 15-20 minutes every day.

Law 3 – To reduce fat in abdominal Area:

Both men and women suffer from abdominal fat. Mostly women, after pregnancy, start to gain more weight and fat gets deposited more in the abdominal region. While men, who don’t do enough physical activities and exercises suffer from abdominal fat. Fat in abdominal area in deposited in two forms – Visceral fat and Fat in adipose skin cells. In order to reduce fat from abdominal area, exercises like crunches, sit-ups, lumberjacks, and squats are significantly effective. Also drinking more water helps in removing visceral fats.

Law 4: Remove Fat from Back and Chest

The back fat is the most stubborn fat to lose. It will require a lot of hard work, dietary changes and stretch workouts to remove fat from the back. Start with eating more vegetables and fruits while totally banning sugary and preserved food items. Eat low-fat, mineral rich high protein foods. Back fat is the sign of really bad eating habits, and overeating. So changing diet will help in reducing some of the back fat and prevent more fat from depositing.
Exercises like bench press, weight lift, dead lift, yoga, and Pilates – exercises which emphasize on putting some exertion n back muscles will help in cutting down the fats. But be careful, don’t hurt you back.

Law 5: Reducing Fat from face and Neck

You will get fat deposited in face and neck area only if you have a very sedentary lifestyle. Consuming alcohol, carbonated drinks, eating a heavy dinner with high-fat content are main culprits that cause face and neck fat. Neck fat can really worse and form a double chin. In order to remove fat from neck and face, rotate and stretch your neck in every possible direction. Do some jaw exercises. Drink a lot of water and maintain a balanced diet.