How to Identify Real From Fake Plastic Rice At Home

There are no limits to what the black market will produce in the name of profit, and the latest worry for the food market is the production of fake rice. That’s right, fake rice is being produced on a massive scale and is finding its way on to supermarket shelves.

It seems hard to believe that rice, one of the cheapest foods in the world is being imitated, but it is happening on a large scale in Asia, and China in particular.

Rice is the main produced crop and the main part of Daily food in East Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Having such popularity and huge market opportunities has to lead the conspirators to produce artificial rice.

The Fake Rice Problem

The first cases of Fake rice were reported in China and soon follow reports start to come from Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and even some European Countries.

The fake rice is made so similar to the real grain that the differences can not be seen with naked eyes. One thing without a doubt is: fake rice can bring about a lot of stomach issues!

Plastic rice, unlike the real one, doesn’t cook or gets digested fast. Fake rice gets stuck in the intestine for longer and can cause constipation and stomach bloating. In some cases, deposition of plastic particles can cause cancer too.

How to Identify Fake and Real Rice

  • Keep watching when you cook the rice and it is boiling. The look of real rice changes when it undergoes the boiling process whereas the fake rice looks the same and doesn’t change its form.
  • Take a smell of the rice if it smells like plastics then it is probably the fake one.
  • Real rice grains are a little deformed and broken, but plastic rice isn’t.
  • If you burn rice grains on fire, fake rice burns like plastic with fumes and smoke and leaves a sticky residue.
  • Soak some rice in water for 20 minutes. After that chew some and take the taste. Plastic rice will harder to chew and produce chemical taste.

The best option is to stop eating rice for few days until the government comes up with the list of the brands which are selling the fake rice. Or buy rice from the farmers market. Soon, the fake rice will move out of the market with the necessary legal action. Till then share the news with your loved ones and stay protected from fake rice.