How to Get Pregnant Fast and Safely in An Easy Way

How to Get Pregnant Fast?

While women who are not ready, have tried for years to avoid getting pregnant. But there comes a time in every woman’s life, when she is ready. Ready to get pregnant, conceive a child and get the happiness of being a mother. At this time, being there first experience women are wondering “How to get Pregnant” is a safe and healthy way.

how to get pregnant plan

Well, to your surprise – having sexual intercourse only is not a guarantee of getting pregnant. Sure, it is the most important step, but alone it will not help you get pregnant in a healthy way. Getting pregnant depends on a lot of things, and there are so many factors that can affect your health. Here, we tell you simple ways that will ensure that you get pregnant fast and easily.

  1. Calculate Your Ovulation Dates
  2. Choose The Right Time
  3. Reduce The Effects of Contraceptive Medicines
  4. Ditch The Lubes
  5. Good Positions for Better Penetration
  6. Healthy Nutritious Diet
  7. What If You Fail at First Try?
  8. Things You Should Not Do
  9. Reference

Calculate Your Ovulation Dates

The best chances of getting pregnant depend on your ovulation dates. If you have intercourse close to your ovulation, you have higher chances of getting pregnant.

There isn’t any method to know the exact date of the ovulation, so you will have to guess and plan accordingly. In general, for women who have regular cycles, ovulation occurs around the 15th day from your last cycle. You are at your optimum fertility during last 10 days before your next cycle, last 5 days are considered the best if you want to get pregnant.

how to get pregnant ovulation dates

However, women who suffer from irregular periods, it can be very difficult to calculate the dates of ovulation. In such cases, you should consult a doctor and ask his advice.

To help you predict the dates of ovulation, you can also use Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK) sold in the market. These will help you predict the ovulation dates, by measuring hormone and enzyme levels in your urine.

Choose The Right Time

Once you have an idea of your ovulation dates make sure to have intercourse during the predicted dates. Having intercourse just once may not result in pregnancy. You may have to do sexual intercourse 3-4 times during this period to get positively pregnant.

how to get pregnant time

It may be difficult to get the time and mood in the busy time of modern life. But to ensure a healthy pregnancy, you have to manage it and get time. Hence, the sperm survives for 7 days, you will need to have intercourse every day. But, having more sex increases the chances of pregnancy significantly.

Also, make sure that your male partner gets enough time to produce healthy sperms between the intercourses. It usually takes up to 8 hours to produce healthy sperms.

Reduce The Effects of Contraceptive Medicines

If you had been taking contraceptive pills, then stop taking pills at least 20 days before trying to get pregnant. Sometimes, the pills can alter your menstruation cycles. It’s better to stay 2-3 months off the pills to get the normal cycle of your periods. Also, it will provide some time for your body to gain optimum fertility.

how to get pregnant - avoid contraceptives

If you have done any Surgical contraception like Tubectomy or using a copper T, please consult your doctor. He will remove the contraception and follow his advice on how to get pregnant fast.

Ditch The Lubes

Lubes can harm the quality of the sperm. Furthermore, many lubricants have spermicidal properties. Lubes have also reported affecting the motility of the sperm. Hence if you are trying to get pregnant, better you ditch using lubes during intercourse.

Good Positions for Better Penetration

Decide for a sex position which is comfortable for both of you and your partner. Experts suggest that the good old Missionary position – with the man on top is a good position for conception. This position allows the gravity to play a role and help the sperm in reaching towards the ovum.

Having sexual intercourse in a vertical (standing) position can cause the sperm to flow out of the vaginal cavity. This will reduce the change of conception. Hence, when you are trying to get pregnant, avoid having intercourse in awkward sexual positions.

Simply, lay down in the bed, place a pillow under your hips. Now have intercourse in the missionary position. The pillow under your hip will create a downward angle in your vaginal cavity. This will help the sperms in reaching the ovum and increase the chances of penetration.

Healthy Nutritious Diet

It is one of the most important things that you should not miss when you are wondering how to get pregnant. A healthy and balanced diet helps you keep fit. Eating nutritious food helps your internal organs produce suitable hormones and healthy enzymes that help you get pregnant.

Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle, eating high carb foods, smoking, and alcohol consumption are the few things that affect your fertility dangerously. Avoid these habits.

Do some exercises and maintain a healthy active lifestyle to increase your chances of getting pregnant with ease. Eat lean meat, protein-rich foods, and low carb foods. Also, avoid eating processed foods.

What If You Fail at First Try?

Well, it shouldn’t bother you, if you fail at once. Don’t get upset.

Many of the couples miss getting pregnant on their first try. It’s not a big deal. In fact, most couples were able to get a healthy pregnancy after 6 months. Some may even have to try for a year to get confirmed pregnancy.

Pregnancy depends on a lot of factors. Most times you either miss to calculate the ovulation dates or the sperm never got the chance to fertilize the egg. Consider trying it once again, after all the gift of parenthood doesn’t come easy. 🙂

Things You Should Not Do

If you are looking for how to get pregnant fast, everyone can make a long list of the things that you should do. But, there are so many things that you should not do as well. These are somethings that can reduce your chances of conception. Here are some things that you should avoid completely:

how to get pregnant avoid these habits

  1. Alcohol and smoking are not good for the fertile health of a man. Ask your male partner to reduce consuming alcohol and tobacco.
  2. Avoid heat. Heat or hot weather is not good for you. It does not only destroy the mood of having intercourse, but it also is bad for sperm health.
  3. Wear loose boxers and ventilated undergarment. Tight underpants can reduce the fertility rate.
  4. Don’t look to get an orgasm. Achieving an orgasm during sex is tougher for females. Female orgasm doesn’t ensure your pregnancy. However, pushing the male partner harder to get an orgasm is good as he will ejaculate an adequate amount of sperm required for fertilization.
  5. Avoid stressing yourself. Keep calm and a happy mood. Do yoga to relax your body and brain.
  6. Seek medical help, and follow the expert’s advice on how to get pregnant.

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