Home Remedies for Hair Fall [Stop Hair Fall in 2 Weeks]

We humans have 100,000 hair strands on our heads. Losing a few hairs every day is normal. However, if you are losing close to 100 strands – It’s a Hair fall problem. But don’t worry – We’ve got some Awesome Home Remedies for Hair fall.

Those who lose about 100-150 strands each day are usually very tensed about the situation. Whenever they comb or style their hairs, a bunch of strands comes off the head. The problem of excessive hair loss can become quite distracting. For men, losing hairs rapidly can lead to complete baldness.

Today this problem is no longer restricted to a certain age group. Humans from 15 to 40 years of age are affected by this problem. As we take shower and wet our hairs. We use a towel to dry the hairs and see so many hairs come in it. There are many home remedies for hair fall, you can choose the one that suits you. But along with the remedies, you should take care of your hair on daily basis.

home remedies for hair fall

Tips to Control Hair Fall At Home:

  • Treat your hair gently. Avoid combing wet hair. Don’t rub the towel harshly on the wet hair.
  • Stimulate the blood flow in the scalp by massaging it regularly. Massage ensures proper flow of blood and nutrients to hair roots.
  • Comb your hair softly, without exerting excessive pressure and without pulling the hairs. Choose an easy hairdo. Ladies, stop pulling hairs back to trap them in hair bands.
  • Limit the use of chemical-filled hair gels, sprays and hair oils. Though they make you look & smell good, try to avoid using them.
  • Use them only when needed, and as soon as you are back at home, clean your hair thoroughly and apply a herbal hair oil.
  • Avoid washing hair in hot water. Hot water steals the moisture from the hair strands and makes them dry. These cause breakage and split ends.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair fall is generally a cosmetic problem, caused by lack of nutrition to hair follicles. Here we made a list of 8 best Home Remedies for hair fall. All these remedies are easy to use and are proven very effective against hair loss. You can either opt any one remedy or use a combination of multiple remedies for better results. Do as it suits you. All these remedies are herbal home remedies, so the chances of any side effects are virtually zero.

Keep on reading to know more about these remedies:

1. Onion Juice Prevents Hair Fall

Onions Home Remedies for Hair fall

Onion contains high amounts of Sulphur in it. Sulphur promotes the production of collagen fibers in hair which make them stronger. This makes it one of the best home remedies for hair fall. Applying onion juice on the scalp gives relief from hair loss. Take an onion, cut it into small pieces and pour it into a blender to crush the onion. Squeeze the juice from it. Put this juice on your head and hair properly and keep it for 15 minutes. Now wash the hair with a gentle shampoo and leave them to dry naturally. Using this method twice a week will give you great benefits.

2 . Hot Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for hair fall. Rich in Vitamins and protein, coconut oil has the capacity to penetrate deep into the skin and provide nutrition to hair roots from within. Heat this oil and massage slowly on the head. After this, take a towel and immerse it in hot water. Wrap the soak hot towel over your head. The warm wet towel opens the skin pores on the scalp and provides moisture through water vapors. Leave it like that for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.

3. Fenugreek Seeds for Hairs

Fenugreek protects against hair fall and also nourishes the hair roots. To use fenugreek for hair, soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Next morning, grind the soaked fenugreek seeds to make a paste. Add 2 teaspoons of curd and white egg whites in this fenugreek paste, mix it well and apply it from the roots of the hair to the full-length of hairs. Let this hair mask sit for 1-2 hours before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

4. Hibiscus for Hair Fall

Hibiscus are red colored flowers indigenous to India and other south Asian countries. These flowers have a rich amount of Vitamin C and Amino Acids which beneficial for hair growth. You can use dried hibiscus flower on your hair.

Simply, take 2-3 dried flowers, and boil them in a cup of coconut oil for 10-15 minutes. Then remove the residues of flower and use the oil to massage your hairs. You can store the oil for later use. Use the oil 3-4 times every week.

5. Vitamin E oil Nourishes Hair

Vitamin E oil is a very effective solution to strengthen weak hair roots. You can find Vitamin E sold in the form of a capsule in pharmacy. Simply squeeze the liquid from 3-4 capsules on your palm and apply it on the scalp and hair roots. Leave it overnight. Vitamin E oil is thick and a bit sticky, so you may have to use a mild shampoo to remove excess oiliness from your hair next morning.

6. Neem (Azadirachta Indica) for hair

neem home remedies for hair fall

Neem plant is profusely used in Ayurveda because of its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. If you suspect that your hair fall is triggered by an infection or unhygienic scalp – neem is the perfect remedy for you. Take a bunch of fresh neem leaves and boil them with 500 ml of water. Boil it until the water remains is half and its color is deep green. Now cool the water down and apply the water on your scalp. Spread the water through the length of hair soaking each strand in this. Keep t for an hour and wash it with cold water. Neem is also very effective against the itchy scalp and dandruff.

7. Coconut is the Saviour of Hairs

Coconut’s natural pure milk is a boon for hair. It is a very effective product that nourishes hair follicle deep within the skin. To make coconut milk, pour the pulp (-not coconut water) in a blender jar and grind it finely. You will get a thick paste. Squeeze the juice from this thick paste and you will get white colored liquid, that’s coconut milk. Apply this milk on your scalp, leave it on for an hour and then wash it off with water. No need to use any shampoo.

8. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is Vitamin Supplement for Hair

amla home remedies for hair fall

Amla has been used by women for centuries to revive lifeless and weak hair. Loaded with vitamin C and natural acids, Amla not only provides nutrition but also cleans the oiliness from the scalp. Just take about half a cup of Dried Amlas and boil them in 2 cups of coconut oil. Boil it until the oil color turns dark black. Apply this oil from the roots to the ends in your hair. This is a very effective method to prevent hair loss. Amond other Home Remedies for Hair fall, Amla also helps in restoring the natural hair color.

Apart from the Home Remedies for hair fall, follow these steps

Hair fall can be genetic or can be caused by various environmental factors such as pollution, bacterial infection, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition etc. Though the home remedies for hair fall will be able to control the fall and grow new hairs, If you are suffering from severe hair fall, we suggest you some lifestyle changes that you should follow.

1. Regular and Gentle Hair Care

The more you play with your hair, the weaker they will become. Do not try hefty hairstyles or too many hair products on them. If you want to color the hair always use good quality color. Better to restore the health of hair first, then go for coloring.

Rapid changes in Heat is also not good for hairs. High Heat damages the protein blocks in hair and makes them rough. Avoid using rollers, electric straighteners, and hair dryers as much as possible. Always use lukewarm water to wash, no hot water.

2. Avoid Stress

In many cases, people suffer from hair loss due to Stress. Try to keep yourself busy in different chores and avoid overthinking to put stress on your brain. Start meditation to relax your mind. Yoga and exercise are also beneficial as they keep you distracted and at the same time, fit too. Take upon any hobby to avoid stressing yourself.

3. Keep The Scalp Clean

Wash your scalp regularly to keep it clean. Excess oiliness, dirt or dead skin cells stuck in the scalp can be teeming ground to various bacterial and fungal infections. Dandruff is such a fungal infection which needs immediate attention or it can cause severe hair loss. Even if you use Home remedies for hair fall, you will suffer hair loss if you have a dirty scalp.

4. Keep The Hormones Balanced

Hormonal imbalance can cause a rapid and unexpected hair fall. That is why women — during and after the pregnancy as they go through various hormonal and physical changes, complain about losing hairs rapidly. Hormonal imbalance can only be identified with medical checkups. So, visit your doctor and get the levels checked. Hormones can be brought back to balance with healthy food and exercises focused for the purpose.

5. Eat Right to Nourish Hairs

Maintaining a Healthy diet with nutritious food is vitally important for hair growth and preventing fall. If you do not eat the right food, your hairs will become weak, dry, and start breaking. Eat foods containing vitamins such as almonds, carrots, pears, fish, eggs, citrus fruits etc. Eating low carb foods promotes the absorption of vitamins in the body. Also, omega 3 fatty acids found in Fish and walnuts help the transportation of vitamins to hair roots.