People are Calling The Hand Sanitizers as ‘Death in A Bottle’. But Why ?

Our mothers at home, Keep on repeating “Wash Your Hands Before eating”. It’s good for us as we know that many of the bacteria and pathogens spread through our hands and the food we eat. We gather the infection from around as we shake hands, touch random things, and operate different tasks with our hands.

The dirt, germs, and virus which stick on the things which will lift with our hands get transferred to our body when we eat food without washing our hands. It is difficult to find time to wash hands and locate water nearby especially when we are traveling. Thus, a very useful product came in the market known as a sanitizer.

We often use sanitizers to clean our hands as it is convenient, it saves water and ensures that our hands are free from germs before we have our meal.

However, Here’s is something shocking, that came up recently.

This will make you think twice before using a sanitizer. Researchers have now found that in the process of destroying the harmful germs and bacteria on our hands, the sanitizers are destroying the good bacteria’s as well. These good bacteria are very useful to keep the balance of our immune system and fight the infection. As the good bacteria get killed regularly the immunity gets weaker and thus our ability to cope with inflammations, infection and other health issues goes down.

Sanitizer Bottles and BPA

Frequent use of hand sanitizer leads to increase in the amount of Bisphenol A (BPA) in our body. BPA is a plastic byproduct which comes from the plastic bottles sanitizer are packed in. This chemical has a negative effect on the endocrine system which takes care of the production of hormones, body functionality and maintains the organs and tissues in our body. The high level of Bisphenol A in our body increases the risk of cancer, heart trouble, diabetes, and infertility.

So, next time when you can to clean your hands just go for regular soap and water was instead of using sanitizers.