Quick Tips to Grow Breast Size in 30 Days

Loving your body is the first step towards being self-confident.  If you think that your physique lacks something, it is sure to affect your confidence and have a negative impact on your life.  Smaller breast size is a problem that many women are facing today.

Though today we are running for getting a slim figure, the appeal of a curvaceous feminine physique cannot be denied.  So, if you want to enhance your bust size, know for sure that you are not the only one in the run.

Below are some of the most effective tips to Increase Breast Size Faster:

More Estrogen and Phytoestrogens

Estrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for timely monthly cycles, breast size and keeping women’s health and body in check in general. In case you have smaller breasts, you might want to increase your intake of estrogen as your body might not be producing enough of it naturally.

Phytoestrogen, on the other hand, comes to use when you have low levels of estrogen. Some foods that are rich in estrogen and phytoestrogen are lentils, chickpeas, lima beans, kidney beans, fenugreek seeds, carrots, cucumbers, and nuts.

Massage to Boost Growth

Benefits of massaging your breasts are endless. Apart from enhancing your size by making your body secrete prolactin, it also reduces the risk of breast cancer, prevents your breasts from sagging or developing stretch marks. Even if you detest the idea of using any oil, you should still massage your breasts with some other cream and lotion.

Exercise To Grow Breasts

Opt for workouts that include push ups, dumbbells, and wall press. Push-ups aren’t meant only for your arms. They build and improve the tissues under your breasts as well.

Like push-ups, lifting dumbbells also has a positive impact on your pectoral muscles. Find a dumbbell which is heavy enough to make an impact and light enough to not strain your arms and you are good to go. In case you are unable to do push-ups at first, which is completely normal, you might want to do wall press instead. It is just like a push-up but done against a wall.