Green Peas Give You Instant Energy And Many More Benefits

Green pea is very tasty even when you eat it raw. It is mostly used to make vegetable dishes, and as a topping or add-on for many other recipes. It can be eaten by raw, boiled or fried. There is no argument about how healthy this member of legume family is.

Green pea has a large amount of protein, carbs, fiber, calcium, carbohydrate, iron and vitamins which works to give instant energy to the body. Take a look at the Top 6 benefits you get from eating green peas:

1: Fights Blood Disorders

There is plenty of iron in green gram, which works to cure the lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Peas also contain nitrogenous compounds which help in purifying the flowing blood.

2: Makes Bones Stronger

Green gram contains a good amount of vitamin C and calcium. Eating green peas in the breakfast will provide energy through the day, and it’s good to eat before workouts. Calcium and vitamin C also help in maintaining the bone density.

3: Controls Blood Sugar

Eating half a bowl of Green peas every day with your low sugar diet is a healthy choice for diabetics. Peas keep you full for longer and avoid binge eating. If you are a patient of increased blood sugar then definitely include green gram in your diet.

4: Keep Heart Healthy

Peas have very low amount of bad cholesterol while coming from a plant source, they are rich in good cholesterol and phytonutrients. These nutrients are good for your heart health. Also, the protein content of peas supports the endocrine and immune system in the body.

5: Enriched With Antioxidants

Green grams contain antioxidants with plenty of vitamins and minerals. It saves us from diseases and keeps the problems of aging away. Antioxidants also help fight the bad effects of free radicals and help in repairing damaged cells.

6: Fights Weakness

Green gram is a good source of vitamins in addition to proteins and minerals. It removes weakness and gives energy to the body.

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