Solution For Graying Hair – Restore Your Natural Hair Color

The problem is graying hair is now in “Trend”. I used the word trend because many people like it, while many think it to be a problem. Due to aging and lifestyle, hair loss and hair breakdown have become a common problem today. At present, about 70 percent of people are troubled by the problem of white hair before age.

The pollution is not the only cause for this problem, but the diet of the people behind it is also a very big reason for this problem. Here we suggest few healthy diet that can help you solve this problem.

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

It has become a challenge to take a balanced and healthy diet because of a runny life and adulteration in everything. Many people aren’t even able to take proper breakfast and lunch in this fast life. These habits not only make you sick but also prevail early aging signs such as graying hair. The best and the simplest way to avoid white hair is to consume green vegetables. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and other nutrients are found in green vegetables, which produce red blood cells and prevent hair from becoming white.

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Walnuts and Almonds

The consumption of walnuts and almonds is not less than a boon for people suffering from white hair problem. By taking 4 water soaked almonds in every morning, can put the problem of white hair on the curb. Massaging with almond oil also provides great comfort. Copper and Vitamin-E are found in abundance in almonds. Which nourishes the hair.

Use Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla is very beneficial for eyes and also for hair. For those who have problems like white hair, hair loss, and roughness, consuming amla is very beneficial. Amla works in a way tonic for hair. Every morning an amla keeps your hair and body health healthy.