Eye Muscle Exercises to Improve Vision and Concentration

Ever thought that like the rest of the Body, your eyes too need exercising to work efficiently. Great visual perception is not just imperative for your day by day exercises like strolling, perusing, cooking and substantially more yet it is additionally important to carry on with a sound life. A good eyesight is god’s gift. Eyes are precious and fragile. A mild irritation to eyes can give a lot of trouble.

Bad eyesight and focal disabilities can cause serious headaches and trigger a migraine too. We face difficulties on focusing and remembering things. It kills the concentration and our efficiency.

eye muscle exercises

The way you do normal exercise to keep your body fit as a fiddle and muscles sound, there additionally exist the eye practice which monitors the muscles. There are distinctive muscles which control the eye developments, visual accuracy. The activity of this muscle will lessen the eye fatigue and enhance and also keep up the vision.

Here are the six muscles which control our eye movement-

Medial rectus – It controls the movement of your eye inward, toward your nose.
Lateral rectus – It controls the movement of your eye outward, away from your nose.
Inferior rectus – It controls the movement of your eye downward.
Superior rectus –It controls the movement of your eye upward.
Inferior oblique – It helps to rotate the top of your eye away from your nose.
Superior oblique – It helps to rotate the top of your eye toward your nose.

You should know that the more you move your eyes the better it is. The frequent movement of eyes promotes the proper blood flow and tone nerve to your eyes. It also provides strength to the six muscles surrounded by your eyes.

So, here is the visual guide of 16 specific eye muscle exercises. Just move your eyes as the arrows direct in the diagram, this will stretch and work the eye muscles for optimum functioning.

Eye Muscle Exercises:

Before you do these exercises, relax your eyes for 10 minutes. Simply sit down or lie down with your eyes closed. With the closed eyes, try to visualize an imaginary white spot in the blank. Try to focus on the white spot. This exercise alone if done regularly will improve your concentration by 50%.