Food That Decrease Your Bone Density And Make Them Weak

Today, due to the popular trend of bodybuilding, people also consume high protein and do a lot of High-intensity exercises. They also look strong, but they do not know that the structure beneath the strong body is getting weak. High intake of certain foods reduces bone density, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

To deal with these hazards, let us know which substance should be used correctly. We know very well that we need calcium and vitamin D to strengthen the bones. Let’s know these foods:


Excessive consumption of sodium causes dehydration. Water coming out in the sweat and urine also drains the calcium from the body making the bones weak. Sodium is in the salt, which should not be taken in an increased amount. According to the Professor of Human Nutrition at Washington State University, if you take 2,300 milligrams of sodium, you take out 40 milligrams of calcium with your urine.
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Protein is needed to strengthen your bones, but if you take more protein then salty fluid called sulfate, comes out from your bones. This causes bad effects on your bones. Most of these are from animal proteins and vegetable proteins. A research from Harvard Medical School has shown that women which consume red meat five times a week have a higher risk of breaking the bone than women consuming red meat once a week.


Calcium and Vitamin D can be used to compensate losses in bones caused by salt. Adults up to 50 years of age need at least 1000 mg calcium per day, which can be obtained from three glasses of milk. At the same time, people aged 60 and above need 1200 milligrams of calcium every day.

Vitamin D should be taken in sufficient quantities. Its good sources are natural sunlight, milk, egg, saltwater fish and dietary supplements. It should be consumed in sufficient quantity because Vitamin D is useful in strengthening your bones.