How To Remove Dark Spots (Hyper-pigmentation) Naturally

Everyone wants the flawless and clean-looking skin. The biggest obstacle to this achievement is that the skin is exposed to sunlight and it’s the exposure to UV rays that make spots darker and prominent.

Your body produces melanin, a photoprotective substance which works as a broad UV absorbent. Cells producing this substance are known to overflow Occasionally, which increases melanin in the skin. This causes uneven patches and dark spots. This is called as hyperpigmentation of the skin.

How to Prevent Dark Spots

  • Do not put pressure on your skin, it damages the skin cells.
  • To maintain UV protection, take sunscreen again every two hours.
  • Take active measures to reduce your stress levels. Stress can cause your skin to become dull and dark

Treatment of Dark Spots

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants that not only protect your skin from external damage but also helps in the skin renewal process. Vitamin C also acts as a bleaching agent due to acidic content. In the form of serum, Vitamin C can prove effective in the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment.

  • Apply serum to affected skin
  • Allow the serum to dry, then apply a neutralizer.
  • If going out, apply a sunscreen, otherwise, UV rays break the acid in the serum, which makes it ineffective.
  • Use it two times per day for at least 2 months to get an even shiny skin.

Hyperpigmentation is usually found on the face, but it can also affect other body parts. It is not harmful in itself and usually is more of a cosmetic concern which can be treated at home. However, it may be a symptom of another medical condition or drug side effects, in such cases, consult your doctor.