Daily Diet Routine to Lose Weight And Get A Slim Waist

Weight loss is not easy. For this, you have to do workouts every day. Dieting is also important as well because if you eat junk food, fried food every day, then exercising will not be of any use. That is why do the diet for better results and healthy body. But the diet should be such that it does not hurt you.

Today, we are telling you what you can eat as you wake up in the morning during dying and sleeping at night.

Waking up in the morning:

2 walnuts
1 cup tea
10 Sets of Sun Salutation Yoga

Breakfast (8 to 9 o’clock):

1 egg or 2 pieces of cottage cheese
Bake 1 slice of bread in a toaster or on a pan with little butter.
Eat this tomato in a bread and eat it.

2 hours after breakfast (11 o’clock):

Drink 1 glass of buttermilk.

Lunch (1 to 2.30 hrs):

1 bowl of rice
1 bowl of Mix Pulses
Use 2 teaspoons of oil in the whole meal.
Eat your favorite salad.

Evening tea (4 to 5 p.m.):

1 cup tea (Preferably Green Tea)
2 handfuls of popcorn without butter in it.

Late evening (7 o’clock):

Eat any one fruit
Take 30 minutes walk (walk fast)

Dinner (8 to 9 p.m.):

1 Chapati
Half cup candy
1 bowl curry (use curd and gram flour)
Eat a salad as much as you like.
Do not use more than 2 teaspoons of oil in the whole food.