5 Vital Signs That Your Body Wants More Vitamin B12

Mineral deficiencies are more common than vitamin deficiencies, statistics show that one in four adults deals with the lack of vitamin B12.

The Vitamin B12 is known as the “energy” vitamin. Something you need to give you an energy boost late in the afternoon. Some like it for its ability to bring some life in cardio workouts. It is also considered as a weight loss miracle “drug,” and it is super popular at medical weight loss clinics.

It became more than clear that people are crazy for this vitamin, so clinics and health spas offer discounted vitamin B12 injections.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

1. A smooth tongue

As you lose a few papillae “bumps.” These bumps help you recognize the taste, and if you are always getting a “blah” impression of your food, you are probably lacking vitamin B12.

2. Vision Impairment

Optic nerve damage leads to strange vision problems, so you often get a blurry or double vision. Test your vitamin levels every time you notice shadows in your vision fields because this is a common symptom of low vitamin B12 levels.

3. Yellow Skin

Caused by red blood cell degradation. It throws out a distinctive yellow pigment when it tears apart. If you lack vitamin B12, your body is unable to produce strong cells.

4. Memory loss

This can also be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. This applies especially to young people who are too young to develop age-related dementia.

5. Nerve Damage

Feeling numb, Tingly nerves and experiencing a “pins and needles” sensation. This indicated that you are dealing with nerve damage as a result of poor vitamin B12 levels.